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The crazy street people that talk at night

Your lives do not matter to me — leave me alone send a real woman who is serious.

It really doesn't matter to me about the Levey/LaVey family currently, they call every 10 years on the anniversary of Howard's death and don't leave a message. We broke up after the lawsuit with Blanche Barton.

Legally I have always been invisible and just had a private relationship with Howard, Diane, Karla and The Other Daughter. I was always a bit disassociated for a long time. Howard Levey and Diane Hegarty claimed I was their child in Los Angeles for years and upon his death the siblings decided to say goodbye and not respond to each other. If you know my full name and want to know who I am call the Arcadia California Police department and ask for the public relations officer and they will take your story about me. Tell them it's about a old case file.

I was adopted, lived in Arcadia California and I have a German Shoah or Holocaust family name with 851 people murdered in that family.

They were all over Europe in different countries with a German word for a last name: Kupfer, it means Copper.

In 2004 when the Shoah database came out, life got worse. I have an answer why: 851 ghosts. A lot of the entries in the name database are from the German government. Its not a common last name.

In the USA there are only 1100 eleven hundred of us. In 1939 there were probably only two – three thousand in the world.

Go ahead and click the link Satanists and Police Officers — Nazi's and Racists do exist.

This is my last name, it's a Holocaust murder victim family name.

It's a rare name in the U.S.A. based on U.S.A. Census data. If I am around and Racists and/or Nazi's start harassing me or people in the area or my "church" then it's harassment of a U.S.A. Jewish Gypsy Pagan Holocaust Family. Call the Police department, it's internationally illegal and protected under U.S. Federal and California state laws.

It's the NAME, it's a Holocaust Murder Victims Family NAME. The Religion does not MATTER we have 851 murdered people in multiple countries with the same family name. It's ILLEGAL to HARASS CRIME VICTIMS families.THE PEOPLE THAT DID IT WERE WHITE SUPREMACISTS, RACISTS AND NAZIS. IT'S ILLEGAL to STALK and MURDER PEOPLE.

It's also illegal to stalk and harass or attempt to murder the dead people's children. You are stalking and harassing them because their family members were MURDERED which is a CRIME. They are also CO-CRIME VICTIMS because their family members were MURDERED. If you are stalking them with the intention of harming them it also becomes part of a attempted murder because you are continuing to try to murder people with the same name or are in the same family. There is no statute of limitations on murder in the U.S.A. and it's part of the same original crime.

In one sentence: If you are a Nazi, Racist or White Supremacist and are stalking a Holocaust murder victim family member and/or a survivor trying to hurt or kill them it's the same original act of murder and/or attempted murder of the same family.

Say I have a sister who is related to me a Kupfer. She lives in Germany where some of the original murders of the Kupfer family members took place. If she is stalked, harassed with the intention of hurting her or her family it's the same original acts of murder and attempted murder of the same family name. Why? Because the Nazi's were trying to kill everyone in that family regardless of what country it was and regardless of what language used or religion.

The same thing logically applies to her other sister who lives in the U.S.A. it becomes part of the same international murders of everybody in those families. It doesn't matter what her last name is now, she's related to a family that the Nazi's were trying to murder everyone in.

Homicide is the willful, intentional killing of one human being by another, including murder, manslaughter, and vehicular homicide. Survivors of homicide victims, also called co-victims, are generally defined as the family members, friends, and other loved ones of the victim. They feel the life-changing impact of the trauma, hardship, and loss that result from the crime. <--https://ovc.ojp.gov

— #Hekate #Pagan #Shoah #Kupfer

Click for Holocaust Proof from Israel

Note these are exact name matches, not phonetic or sounds like matches. You have to wait for the web server it's searching in 4.8 million names. It's not just one or two names in a single country it's 851 names in: Austria, Belarus, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Ukraine




Regarding the link between Satanism and Secular Jews please click here: https://www.timesofisrael.com/in-haunted-salem-a-jewish-church-founder-preaches-the-art-of-satanic-social-change/

Really the word Jewish is just a label, take a look at the Shoah database and realize that those are all one German last name, a single German word that people had for a last name all over Europe and they were murdered in the Holocaust. Why? We don't know it's a single family last name.

Al Pacino has a new TV Series out on Amazon called Hunters. It's not for kids but deals with Nazi hunters in the late 1970's. Warning, it's pretty violent and the show's writer has been accused of exploiting Jews, but the stories are inspired by real events. It's scary stuff. David Weil from Long Island NY: New series based on stories told to him by his Polish Grandmother a holocaust survivor.


The New York Kupferberg Holocaust Center